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This section offers a selection of our fully featured security and hacking tools. We also provide some exploits, proof of concept code, shellcodes and snippets. That means some tools are not tested and may not have the feature set. If you find some bugs or if you have any questions, ideas or criticism regarding this section, feel free to message us. We hereby emphasize, that the hacking related stuff on nullsecurity.net is only for education purposes. We are not responsible for any damages. You are responsible for your own actions. Now, enjoy crawling through the heaps of information on this site!

Category Description
[ Automation ] Automation tools and wrapper scripts
[ Backdoor ] Backdoors and rootkits for kernel, userland, network, hardware and software
[ Binary ] ELF and PE Binary related tools
[ Cracker ] Cracker for network and software login masks
[ Cryptography ] Tools and any proof of concepts related to cryptography
[ DoS ] Tools and any proof of concepts related to (distributed) Denial of Service
[ Exploit ] Proof of concepts or fully working exploits for anything
[ Fuzzer ] Fuzzing tools and proof of concepts for network protocols and software
[ Keylogger ] Keyloggers for any kind of software and operating system
[ Logcleaner ] Logfile cleaner for any kind of applications and operating systems
[ Misc ] Miscellaneous stuff for anything.
[ Reversing ] Any kind of tools related reverse engineering.
[ Scanner ] Scanning tools for any network protocols, system and software
[ Shellcode ] Shellcodes written for various operating systems and architecture
[ Wireless ] Wireless related security and hacking tools
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