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The nullsecurity team was formed in November 2011 and is a collection of ethical security testers who actively develop and test security controls using a variety of custom tools and techniques. The content we present here is only part of our toolkit and is intended to aid both new and existing security staff who need to protect assets on a day to day basis, by eliminating holes that "black hat" hackers could use to circumvent existing controls.

Every member of nullsecurity has their own area of expertise, resulting in a larger skill base and together we perform research and develop superior tools to help improve the infrastructure security as a whole. Both research and development can be time consuming processes which are likely result in high cost with potentially little delivered. One of the main reasons we created nullsecurity was to perform this research and develop tools in our spare time to help organisations allowing us to better protect them from both newly discovered and existing security threats.


Nickname Realname GPG Website Nation
noptrix Levon Kayan 0x7A747D10 https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Armenia AM
pgt Adrian Maertins 0xA9683F0E https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Germany DE
atzeton Tobias Gyoerfi 0xD0D9D5DB https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Germany DE
Cyneox Victor Dorneanu 0x4AED0E44 https://www.dornea.nu/ Romania RO
Shift Shift Shift 0x3701DD7E https://shift32.wordpress.com/ Romania RO
belial Christian Ammann 0x2787ECD2 https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Germany DE
mr_insecure Pascal Evers 0x3943C0E8 https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Germany DE
tatramaco Chris Cowling 0x640DAB4C https://www.nullsecurity.net/ United Kingdom UK
nrz Javier F 0x526D1AAE https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Spain ES
TheXero Toby Reynolds 0x17F090D9 https://www.thexero.co.uk/ United Kingdom UK
Zy0d0x Michael Johnson 0xFFFFFFFF https://www.nullsecurity.net/ United Kingdom UK
ζeh Matt Matthias Moninger 0x9B56E74A https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Germany DE
sepehrdad Sepehrdad X 0xFFFFFFFF https://www.nullsecurity.net/ Iran IR


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