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Within this section we publish some of our papers for well known hardware, software, computer, network and other ressources, including topics like hacking, security and programming. If you find some bugs or if you have any questions, ideas or criticism regarding to this section, feel free to message us. We hereby emphasize, that the hacking related stuff on nullsecurity.net is only for education purposes. We are not responsible for any damages. You are responsible for your own actions. Now, enjoy crawling through the heaps of information on this site!

Date File Description Author
03-26-2017 nullsec-amiga.pdf Buying an Amiga in the Year 2017 - This papers describes the Amigas hardware specification and gives some hints what has to be considered if you want to get one of these beautiful devices yourself.

11-16-2015 nullsec-opengameboy.pdf Executing custom Code on the Nintendo Game Boy - A paper discussing hard- and software development for the Game Boy Classic.

02-22-2015 nullsec-led-paper.pdf Fun with LEDs and Microcontrollers - A paper discussing about assembling and controlling two-dimensional LED matrix.

02-22-2015 nullsec-net-crypter.pdf A paper discussing ideas of advanced runtime encryption of .NET executables.

02-22-2015 nullsec-bsides-slides.pdf Presentation of the Hyperion runtime encrypter for portable executables at Berlinsides 2012.

02-22-2015 nullsec-pe-crypter.pdf Hyperion: Implementation of a PE crypter - This paper reveals the theoretic aspects behind run-time crypters and describes a reference implementation for Portable Executables.

02-22-2015 nullsec-bypass-aslr.pdf A paper discussing ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) and techniques to evade the protection.

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