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Within this section we publish some of our advisories for well known hardware and software resources. Sometimes we include a full working exploit, sometimes we don't. It simply depends on our mood. If you find some bugs or if you have any questions, ideas or criticism regarding to this section, feel free to message us. We hereby emphasize, that the hacking related stuff on nullsecurity.net is only for education purposes. We are not responsible for any damages you made with our stuff. Now, enjoy crawling through the heaps of information on this site!

Date File Description Author
11-06-2013 nullsec-microwebersqli.txt Microweber - Error Based SQL Injection Zy0d0x
03-04-2012 nullsec-easyftp.txt Easy FTP Server - "APPE" command buffer overflow Swappage
01-15-2012 nullsec-worldmail.txt WorldMail IMAPD - SEH overflow TheXero
10-22-2011 nullsec-chrome.txt Chrome - Killing process Denial of Service PoC pigtail23
10-20-2011 nullsec-opera-02.txt Opera - Second Denial of Service PoC (Stack Overflow) pigtail23
10-19-2011 nullsec-opera.txt Opera - Denial of Service PoC (Stack Overflow) pigtail23
11-02-2011 nullsec-audiocrusher.txt AudioCrusher - Denial Of Sevice PoC Zy0d0x
08-17-2011 nullsec-skype-02.txt Skype - HTML/Javascript Code Injection noptrix
08-02-2011 nullsec-adium.txt Adium - Cross-Site Scripting noptrix
07-28-2011 nullsec-icq-02.txt ICQ -Remote Denial of Service (MUIMessage.dll) noptrix
07-26-2011 nullsec-icq.txt ICQ - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting noptrix
07-13-2011 nullsec-skype.txt Skype - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting noptrix
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