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This section includes miscellanous files. Often, you will find non-security related stuff here.

Date File Description Author
01-16-2018 genesis2amiga.ino Arduino sketch which maps a Sega Genesis gamepad to an Amiga game port

05-10-2016 bobby_is_hungry.tar.gz An Atari 2600 homebrew which can be played via joystick or lightgun.

05-10-2016 breakout.tar.gz An Atari 2600 Breakout clone.

02-22-2015 netgrafio-v0.1.tar.gz A tool aimed at visualizing (network) data. It provides more or less tools and libraries to visualize your data regardless of its type. You can easily use it for network analysis but also for representing data in a fancy way. Due to its simplicity and cross-platform aspect you can use it almost everywhere. All you need is a ... browser :)

02-22-2015 nullrupees.tar.gz Simple trainer which patches "The Legend of Zelda" for Famicom/NES. After usage each item in the NPC shops is for free.

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