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trixd00r - Advanced and invisible
TCP/IP based userland backdoor

by noptrix
PE Crypter - Backtrack Day 2011
by belial
Exploit Development - Abusing
The Stack

by TheXero
Penetration Test Demonstration
by TheXero
WiFu - Episode 5 Hidden SSID's

by TheXero
WiFu - Episode 4 ARP

by TheXero
WiFu - Episode 3 Bypassing
Shared Key

by TheXero
WiFu - Episode 2 Cracking

by TheXero
WiFu - Episode 1 Cracking WPA
and WPA2

by TheXero
Kioptrix level 3 solution
by Swappage
Forensik in virtuellen Welten

by mr_insecure
UniOFuzz - the universal fuzzing
tool for browsers, web services,
files, programs and network

by pigtail23
Skype Cross Site Scripting PoC
by noptrix
ICQ Remote Denial of Service
by noptrix

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