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Can't find any useful hints on shodan? Google dorks not dishing up the goods? Hell get one of our scanners out and track down your targets in 2 shakes of a lol-cat's tail.

File Description MD5 Author
http-enum-0.4.tar.gz Automated HTTP Enumeration. 3c4f49f9b4913f63d8b8667eb9f448ef TheXero
smalisca-0.2.tar.gz Static Code Analysis tool for Smali files. da6c71543628f2404e97aded72de68ac Cyneox
conscan-1.2.tgz A blackbox vulnerability scanner for the concrete5 CMS. 8058a0d7555d31cdcfbd80dbe51f822f TheXero
ripdc.sh A lame script which maps domains related to an given ip address or domainname. 1c56c62f2bf1cc2095de80cb85f50f55 noptrix
dnsspider.py A very fast multithreaded bruteforcer of subdomains that leverages a wordlist and/or character permutation. 47490c31c5e4eda23821d688afdbd673 noptrix
dnsgoblin.c Nasty creature constantly searching for DNS servers. It uses standard dns querys and waits for the replies. 31729c0572ab19ea0883ccf73f035b08 atzeton
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