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Proof of Concept tools and, if we are feeling particularly generous, fully working exploits because there is nothing more fun that RCE, except dinner with noptrix of course.

File Description OS MD5 Author
freepbxpwn.py FreePBX 13 & 14 - OS command injection - remote exploit Unix e870380a2d3f549f006e1c3118fd9fb2 pgt
ap-unlock-v1337.py Apache + PHP 5.* - code execution through php-cgi - remote exploit Unix, Windows c423b45468b6c930c620f0f68861851c noptrix
easyftp.py Easy FTP Server - "APPE" command buffer overflow - remote exploit Windows 115628bf97a6540b5e1074b61ade6615 Swappage
wm-imapd.py WorldMail IMAPD - SEH overflow - remote exploit Windows baeaabdf95e5c95463c9fa15a1a7f3d3 TheXero
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