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This section includes automation tools and wrapper scripts for well-known and public security tools to make your life easier. You can adjust the scripts fast and easily according to your own needs. Mostly written in bourne shell.

File Description MD5 Author
sn00p-0.8.tar.gz sn00p is a modular tool written in bourne shell and designed to chain and automate security tools and tests. It parses target definitions from the command line and runs corresponding modules afterwards. sn00p can also parse a given nmap logfile for open tcp and udp ports. All results will be logged in specified directories and a report can subsequently be generated. 1c43f2013de4503121385882a2201b27 noptrix
wnmap-0.1.tar.gz A shell script written with the purpose to automate and chain scans via nmap. You can run nmap with a custom mode written by user and create directories for every mode with the xml/nmap files inside. a75dab88bbf057f6cae49ca64ce8c51e nrz
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